Welcome to        
     Atelier Mimi 

In the midst of the vibrant Magazine Street gallery scene, Atelier Mimi offers an accessible, cozy arts experience to both locals and visitors. In addition to being the light-filled gallery space and providing a variety of art classes, Atelier Mimi is a co-working space where a variety of artists and art professionals are able to create and collaborate. Our intent is to foster a calm yet engaging environment of cross-pollination, allowing for dialogues between different types of artists and creating a meeting ground for artists to engage more wholly with patrons. We hope that our space and our community inspires, nurtures, and feeds us.

More about our art...

On display and for sale in the gallery are a rotating selection of handmade works by local artists and artisans, featuring paintings in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, collage, printmaking, books, cards, bags, ceramics, and sculpture.

Contributing Artists

Claire Beauchamp - Printmaking and glass/metal sculpture

William DePauw - Ceramic sculpture

Patti Dunn (Tchoup Industries) - Hand sewn bags and backpacks

Sarah House - Ceramic planters and sculpture

Miriam Lilje - Paintings in oil, acrylics, and mixed media

Laura Richens (Vanishing Point Press) - Handmade books and prints

Asante Salaam - Paintings in watercolor

Erica Smith - Handmade books

Natalie Toth - Painted Assemblages

Jenna Turner - Ceramic sculpture

Katie Schmidt - Hand-printed apparel

More about our space...

Atelier Mimi's shared working space includes a private room for rent, as well as desk space in the gallery and a beautiful porch overlooking Magazine Street, complete with charming porch swing. The building is open and inviting and allows for a variety of uses, so far including violin lessons, writing, graphic design, and painting. We have a kitchenette and chairs to sit in and enjoy a cup of coffee or flip through a book about art. Supplies for sketching or watercolors can also be made available. 

Contact us if you are interested in renting space or would like more information.

More about art classes...

Owned by Artist and Art Historian Miriam Lilje, Atelier Mimi is a place where friends come together to paint, draw, craft, experiment with different materials and techniques, and develop their creative skills in a relaxing environment.

We meet our students one-on-one or in small groups of up to six people so that classes can be tailored towards individual needs.

At Atelier Mimi, students get to explore a variety of drawing and painting techniques, such as pencil, pastel, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. We also offer collage, printmaking, as well as arts and crafts projects.

Besides learning to see our surroundings with an artist's eye, we look at the work of famous artists of the past and their contributions to art history for inspiration.

Our dynamic art instructors truly enjoy teaching students of all age groups who are at different stages in their lives. All skill levels are welcome!