Are you curious about color theory and the Impressionist’s fascinating use of color? Or would you like to know how to create three-dimensionality in a drawing, how to successfully organize elements in a composition, or how to find a good motif for a picture? Then come take art lessons at Atelier Mimi on Magazine Street, New Orleans.

Choose from a variety of classes or mix and match your favorite techniques: pencil drawing, pen and ink drawing, acrylic painting, watercolor, collages, card making, arts and crafts, and printmaking. 

At Atelier Mimi, we look at nature, the city, and our immediate surroundings for inspiration. You get to create realistic as well as abstract works of art.

Enjoy learning from a local artist and experienced college teacher about the greatest masters in the history of art and how to apply their techniques to your own work. 

One-on-one or in small groups of up to six students, you will explore your own artistic potential by learning from other artists, by practicing how to look at your environment with an artist’s eye, and by playing with techniques that will help you spur your imagination. 


Abstract Painting Workshop, Spring 2017

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Children and Teenagers

Is your child enthusiastic about arts and crafts, drawing and painting? Are you looking for a new activity for your kids that encourages creative expression?

Our Norwegian friend Stella painting a sunny landscape

Finger printing with young summer campers, 2014

On location sketching
with 9 and 11 year old sisters, 
summer 2017

Atelier Mimi offers a variety of classes and themes geared towards a young audience.You may choose from appropriate topics, such as jungle, ocean, beach, pirates, school, farm animals, family, or self portrait, to name just a few. Your children get to work in different techniques including painting, drawing, printmaking, as well as arts and crafts. The latter are lots of fun and very popular among young children.

 Birthday party arts and crafts activities