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Course Topics

Drawing Intro

Transfer an object, a landscape, or a figure onto paper as realistically as possible while learning how to use pencils effectively for shading and different textures. Drawing materials can be pencil,  charcoal, color pencil, pastel chalks, ink. Indoor and outdoor lessons. 

Painting Intro

Learn the basics of color mixing, get a feeling for contrasts and color combinations, find your favorite color palette and make your own first painting! You may choose from a variety of topics and images for inspiration and work in either acrylic or watercolor.

Abstract Painting & Mixed Media

There is no mistake in art class! In this course you will get to experiment with a variety of media and tools such as acrylic paint, thickening and thinning medium, oil pastel, colored pencil, paper, fabric, tape, and stamps. The goal is to create inspiring, lively, imaginary worlds of shapes, lines, and color through striking contrasts, surprising effects, and fascinating textures.

Greeting Cards

Give the gift of a handwritten note! Make your own one-of-a-kind greeting card to send to a special friend. Printing, drawing, painting, collaging – everything is possible! Using various media will unleash your creativity and you’ll produce unique, beautiful and the most personal greeting cards for every occasion.

Art Classes

Painting & Art History

In this painting class you will be introduced to certain periods of time and artistic styles. Profit from the instructions of a professional art historian for the creation of your own paintings and learn more about the techniques of your favorite masters. In each session we will get to know an artist or artistic movement and explore the characteristics of their painting style. With this information in mind, you will get the chance to create your own acrylic painting on canvas in a variation of that style.                                                               


  • Peter Paul Rubens: Skin is not just pink!
  • Quiet beauty and melancholy in “human still lifes”: Vermeer and C. D. Friedrich
  • Claude Monet - Let’s paint outdoors like the Impressionists! 
  • Vincent van Gogh: visible brushstrokes, thick texture, clashing colors
  • Pablo Picasso: Towards abstraction. Playing with fragmented forms
  • Piet Mondrian: Clear geometric shapes and primary colors


Workshops are designed to introduce you to one of the course topics listed above. Ask for a date and time that suits your schedule!

Costs for 2-hr workshop: $50 per person 
Group size: 2-4 people 
All supplies are included in the course fee and will be provided in class