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Natalie Toth

Natalie is a New Orleans-based multimedia artist. She
graduated from Tulane University in 2019 with a dual
Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Studio Art, with a focus in
painting and drawing. Recently, her work has shifted to
concentrate on the intersection of the second and third
dimensions, building off of traditional canvases, utilizing found
and discarded materials to fabricate soft sculptures. These art
objects are meant to question intrinsic creative value while
exploring the interaction of texture and volume. Her painting
practice is considerably more lowbrow in content and inquiry;
the subject matter incorporates naturalized rendering coupled
with absurdist motifs, maintaining rational realism with an
underlying sense of humor.

As a freshman at Tulane, Natalie studied art history under
Atelier Mimi’s Miriam Lilje; she joined the Atelier Team
following a reintroduction to Miriam in March of 2019. In
addition to working at the Atelier, Natalie
does research for the Creative Alliance of New
Orleans, a local nonprofit dedicated to arts advocacy and serves 
as a studio assistant to multiple established New Orleans artists.