Miriam Lilje

Originally from northern Germany, art has always been Miriam's passion. She graduated from the University of Hamburg with a Masters Degree in Art History in 2007. Her thesis explored the history of reproductive prints of the Apollo Belvedere dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. 

In 2008, she came to New Orleans and fell in love with the city immediately. Her first employer was the Art Department at the University of New Orleans where she taught Art History to college students. It was in this artistic environment that Miriam resumed her studio art practice.

From 2011-2016, Miriam worked at Tulane University's Newcomb Art Department as Adjunct Assistant Professor for History of Art.  In particular, 2014 was very productive: Miriam took an Advanced Painting class with Aaron Collier and followed with her debut solo exhibition "Ouverture" at Staple Goods. The show featured abstract works inspired by landscapes and classical music.

Miriam’s work is still rooted in abstraction. Although forms such as trees and creeping vines can be seen in her work, she lets the fluidity of her brush take precedence over finite details. Much of Lilje’s work includes washes of color - purple, green, blue - that stand in contrast to outlines and structure. Most recently her paintings were on view at Claire Elizabeth Gallery in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Miriam is thrilled to be making this transition with Atelier Mimi and hopes that this space can be a true community, facilitating dialogue between a variety of artists.